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Reading material for Biochemistry

18.11.2017, 06:00
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Betreff: Reading material for Biochemistry
Hello all,

I have just done AS levels and am moving to A levels next year. I have decided I want to study biochemistry at university. I would like to get a feel for the subject and make sure it is something I would be interested in by perhaps reading a book. The courses I have looked at are Biochemistry and Genetics. I was wondering what some good biochemistry books would be that I could read, that would take you from very basic biochemistry (like i have done so far in AS e.g the very basics in protein structure), to a slightly more advanced level. The aim is to get a feel for it, ensure it is something I find interesting and maybe even make me more comfortable and aid my understanding for when I come to university.

The problem I've had is that alot of the books are very large and complicated and it appears a fair amount of backround knowledge is required. I'm looking for something to give me that backround knowledge. A few suggestions for reading material I can do over this summer before applying.

Thank you for any help or advice
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